A Part of the Silence

Find several moments, every day, to make yourself a part of the silence in your surroundings.

Be it morning or night: take a seat, and close your eyes.

Perhaps place your palms on your knees, and turn them upwards, with your thumb and index finger touching lightly.

Adjust your back and make it straight, with your neck aligned with the spine.

Relax your shoulders, your eyes, and your tongue.


Notice the breath flowing through your nose, expanding and contracting your chest.

Do you feel the heaviness of your body pressing against your sit bones?

Take a minute to listen to the noises around you.

Realize the active sounds – those that are momentary, and have a purpose.

Differentiate them from the passive ones – those that remain constant (perhaps the hum of a freeway, or the rustling of some trees).

Realize that you have thoughts going through your head, perhaps judging those sounds that you’ve just taken in. Realize, also, that those thoughts are momentary, and that you can rid your head of them.

Realize that, though there are sounds around you, there is also silence.

The silence is the emptiness of space, while the noises are the infinitely spread apart stars and planets, numerous but distant.

Become a part of the empty space. Become a part of the silence.

Become an outsider, looking into the scenario that your body occupies.

With each inward breath, notice any interrupting thought that comes your way.

With each outward breath, let your mind gently push the thought out by whatever means works for you – return again to the emptiness of noise.

When a state of mental peace seems to have arrived, and perhaps a hint of light-headedness begins, gently open your eyes.

Can you remain in that silence?

A Part of the Silence