Acceptance of Death

Of what purpose is higher education?

Why do we push the bounds of our knowledge, and attempt so hard to increase our technological edges?

Do we, as a human race, have a goal that we collectively strive for? Perhaps immortality? Is limitless life not what most people strive for, in one form or another?

We feel proud eating the cleanest food, and guilty eating the junk. We declare smoking, alcohol, and drugs as the quickeners of death, and thus intrinsically bad.

But truly and honestly, of what does this matter? Death or life? Is death not really the truest part of our self? From a mathematical sense, are we not infinitely dead and negligibly alive? Perhaps this is the true reason we make every attempt to extend our life. But perhaps this is the reason we attempt to escape the acceptance of death.

Is this not a reason why so many turn to booze and to drugs in the first place? As a numbing agent for the difficult thoughts? This is the great irony of our lives – we shape our lives to avoid death as best as possible, but escape our thoughts by quickening our death.

As for death itself, why do we choose to let it sadden us and scare us?

It is inevitable.

Should our lives not be dedicated to the development of an acceptance of our own death?

Perhaps this acceptance is the true key to happiness.

Acceptance of Death

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