Copying Success

From every successful (whatever that word means) person I read about, I realize more and more that success doesn’t come from following the footsteps of others. Sure you can see patterns, and try to mimic them, but in the end what makes someone successful is their differences. It’s the change they make in the world. The change that only comes about from their unique mindset.

It’s great reading Tim Ferriss’ Tools for Titansas it gives amazing insight into the lives of people who thrive in their field. Within the book, he compiles quotes, routines, quirks, and favorites from each of his podcast guests, along with a few random pages of his own remarks (most of which I have found very insightful).

I find it great because it’s very motivational. It makes me want to get up every morning, have my little morning routine, then conquer the world.

However, it makes me afraid that people are going to take the book too literally.

I found it ironic because many of these guests in his book tell Tim that following patterns of successful people is essentially useless. As I mentioned earlier, success comes from the outliers in the field. You aren’t going to change the world by copying someone else. It’s ironic because he wrote this book specifically to find the patterns of successful people, and telling his readers to pick up on them.

Maybe it’s cliche, but it seems as though thinking outside the box really is the way to success.

Copying Success

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